The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 17, 2024: Sheila learns a secret

 Kimberlin Brown as Sheila in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Credit: CBS

Sheila learns some interesting information in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 17, 2024.

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We begin this week at Hope’s (Annika Noelle) cabin, where she’s sipping tea. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) arrives with soup for Beth. Beth is feeling much better, but Brooke thinks Hope looks "flustered" and she asks if she’s thinking about Finn (Tanner Novlan).

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) thinks he has a great idea putting Brooke front and center of their new marketing campaign. Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has concerns about his ideas, and she has concerns about Hope.

Deacon (Sean Kanan) and Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) look over wedding photos. Finn walks in and Sheila goes to show him the photos, and he says he saw them on the Il Giardino account and had to explain a lot to people on that day. Sheila says he made the day so memorable, and he says that’s why he’s there. He points out that he was there to pick up food. He says that his being at the wedding caused "serious trouble" in his marriage.

Ridge points out that Steffy and Hope have been fighting since they were kids. Steffy says that Hope and Sheila have the same ideas and she doesn’t want her influencing her husband.

Brooke tells Hope to snap out of her infatuation with Finn. Hope says she’s trying not to think about the handsome doctor but finally admits she had another daydream about him.

Sheila apologizes for Steffy reacting to him being there. She doesn’t understand why Steffy won’t allow him to believe that she’s changed. Deacon points out that Sheila has begged for forgiveness and he doesn’t understand why Steffy won’t allow Finn to be part of Sheila’s life. Finn says the past makes it hard for Steffy to change her mind and he has to respect his wife’s wishes.

Steffy tells her father that Hope and Finn were just talking the other day in the office. Hope keeps forcing her opinions about Sheila on Finn. That’s why she doesn’t want Finn to have anything to do with Hope.

Hope explains that the daydream "snuck up" on her. Brooke wants to know what fueled the daydream. Hope tells her that she called Finn to help Beth and that he was so wonderful. Brooke doesn’t like that Hope is falling for Finn. Hope can’t tell her it’s not true.

Deacon appreciates Finn showing up in person to congratulate them. That shows that she matters to her son. Sheila can’t believe that this is Deacon’s takeaway from all of it. She’s sick of Steffy keeping her son from being with him. Deacon asks if Sheila can understand why Steffy feels the way she does. "I hate it," Sheila says, because she knows that she would have a "beautiful future" with her son and grandson if not for her.

Finn (Tanner Novlan) in The Bold and the Beautiful
Finn (Tanner Novlan) in The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy says there’s no room for Sheila in her life. Ridge agrees, noting that it’s about her safety and the safety of her kids. He says he had a conversation with Brooke about Hope. Finn walks in and hears them talking about Sheila. Ridge says Finn has to stay away from her.

Hope tells her mother that she knows she shouldn't go near Steffy’s husband and Brooke doesn’t want Hope to make the same mistakes she made. Hope doesn’t like that Steffy prohibits Finn from seeing his birth mother. Brooke reminds her that just because Sheila married Hope’s father doesn’t make her a better person. And Steffy was shot by Sheila, so Brooke has to agree with Steffy on this one. Hope thinks Finn should be able to make up his own mind. Brooke tells her she needs to stay out of Finn and Sterry’s business. Hope doesn’t want to believe she’s attracted to Finn. Brooke tells her she needs to stop herself, but Hope doesn’t know how to control it.

Once Ridge is gone, Finn laughs that Ridge doesn’t "mince words" and Steffy apologizes for talking behind his back. He understands why he’s so protective and he tells Steffy that he went to Il Giardino to tell Sheila that she has to keep away and that his being at the wedding upset Steffy. Steffy is afraid that Sheila, being the stalker that she is, will interpret Finn’s actions the wrong way. He admits that could be the case. Steffy says they have so much to be grateful for, except for Sheila. And now Hope. Finn hugs her and promises that Hope won’t be a problem for them.

Hope, now alone in the cabin, thinks back to hugging Finn. She sighs in frustration.

Brooke shows up at Il Giardino. She’s there because she's worried about Deacon. Deacon says he was so happy that Hope was at the wedding and Brooke admits that she wasn’t happy to have her there. She admits that she’s worried about Hope and after swearing Deacon to secrecy she tells Deacon that Hope is "having feelings" for an "inappropriate man." She reveals that it’s Finn, unaware that Sheila is listening in to the conversation. Brooke explains that Hope supports Finn having a relationship with Sheila, which only makes Sheila excited while Deacon struggles to figure out what to do. Sheila smiles. This is exactly the kind of information she needed.

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