The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 6, 2024: Finn questions Steffy

 Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Brooke takes on a new role while Steffy has to explain a few things in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 6, 2024.

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We begin today at Forrester Creations, where Hope (Annika Noelle) wants Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to admit she feels threatened by the Logans. Hope says the Logans are "here to stay."

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) never expected Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) to offer a position at the company. Ridge thinks it makes perfect sense.

RJ (Joshua Hoffman) is thrilled for Luna (Lisa Yamada). Li (Naomi Matsuda) doesn’t understand why her sister waited so long to say something. Katie (Heather Tom) says Bill (Don Diamont) has a lot of time to make up for.

Luna asks Poppy (Romy Park) if she’s ok. She is. She’s happy to see Bill and Luna so happy. It’s all she’s wished for.

RJ wonders if he should go over to Bill’s but he’s afraid Bill might kick him out. Katie says he should go, and Li says she knows Luna will have lots to share with him. Once he’s gone, Li sighs and Katie can tell she’s not excited. "What I am is shocked," Li says. She thought her sister was trying to trap Bill. Katie can hardly believe it.

Poppy says she loved Bill before, but she loves him even more now that they have a child together.

Brooke can’t believe Ridge wants her to join him and Steffy. He says she would be working more with Steffy, using her magic to know what the customers want. He asks her to say yes.

Steffy says no one is trying to get rid of the Logans. Hope says Steffy would love to be rid of them. Hope knows it’s not all in her head. Steffy says that the reprieve for Hope for the Future is temporary and if it fails, it’s going to be cancelled. Finn (Tanner Novlan) walks in and asks Steffy why she wants to cancel Hope’s line.

Katie doesn’t know Poppy at all, but her first impression is nothing like what Li is saying. Li says she can put on an act that’s convincing. If Katie is important to Bill then she will act a certain way. Her sister will act a certain way to get what she wants, at least in the past. Katie wonders if she’s seeing her sister in a different light now. Li isn’t sure.

Poppy knows she’s been putting Bill on the spot with the "L" word. He says he has two amazing women in his life and of course, he loves them. RJ comes in and Luna gives him the news. RJ hugs her tightly as Poppy and Bill look on.

Brooke says it’s a huge responsibility, but Ridge says she can absolutely handle it. The company is in great shape and he wouldn’t have asked her without believing she could do it. Brooke appreciates that he values her, but she wonders how Steffy will react.

Finn can’t believe that Steffy is thinking about getting rid of one of the most successful lines. Hope says that Steffy wants to get rid of the Logans entirely and Finn wants to know why she’s doing this to Hope.

Li (Naomi Matsuda) in The Bold and the Beautiful
Li (Naomi Matsuda) in The Bold and the Beautiful

Li says she has so much respect for Bill. He saved her life after Sheila ran her off the pier. Bill found her and was "so kind and caring," and that’s why she felt she had to protect Bill. That’s why she was trying to stop them.

RJ is thrilled for everyone — even Bill, he laughs — and Luna is excited, too. "I hit the jackpot, didn’t I, RJ?" he asks. RJ agrees, saying that she’s very special. Bill plans on protecting Luna, and Poppy. There are so many things that they need to make up for, and that’s why what they have is so special. He doesn’t want to waste any time.

Brooke points out that Steffy won’t want a Logan working with them. Ridge sighs. He knows this is true.

Steffy insists that she’s not doing anything to Hope. She tells Finn that he’s a doctor and he needs to "stay in [his] lane." Hope says that they just had one bad quarter but she can pick things up. Finn asks if she can pull it off, and Hope says she can. And she had Ridge and Carter’s support, too. She goes on to say that Steffy wants to cut the Logans from Forrester Creations "for good." Finn seems to understand this while Steffy stares at him with wide eyes.

Katie admires Li’s connection with Bill. Li admits that Bill has a special place in her heart and she hopes Poppy "deserves" him.

Bill says they can take advantage of the time they have. That’s why he wants them to move into his home. "You’re family now. You and my three boys." He says his sons are going to love having a sister. He’s thrilled to have their life begin right there, right now. He pulls his girls in for a hug.

Ridge knows that Brooke and Steffy haven’t always seen things eye to eye, but they’re both great businesswomen and he loves them a lot. Brooke says that she can see them butting heads. He points out that he stepped in and shut down her idea for Hope for the Future and Steffy will get past it. He thinks that working together will help Brooke’s relationship with Steffy in and out of the office.

Finn reminds Steffy that he’s always wanted to have the families intertwined. Steffy gets a text from Carter and has to run. Hope apologizes for dragging Finn into this. It’s not right. Hope hates this and didn’t want any of this. She’s exhausted from all of this and she’s getting one of the migraines again. She asks him to massage her hand again, and it helps. As he works, she watches him closely. You can cut the sexual tension in the air (at least on her end) with a knife…

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