The Bold and the Beautiful recap for May 2, 2024: Sheila's story

 Finn (Tanner Novlan) in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Finn (Tanner Novlan) in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Sheila explains what happened to her in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for May 2, 2024.

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We begin at Deacon’s (Sean Kanan) apartment, where Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) is chowing down on food while Finn (Tanner Novlan) tells Deacon that Sheila doesn’t want to go to the hospital. Plus she has her own personal physician. Sheila appreciates their concern and is so happy that she’s home and safe and with her favorite guys in the world. Deacon reminds her that she’s alive and she’ll be back to her old self in no time.

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) joins Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) and Liam (Scott Clifton) at a bigger table. Ivy asks if Steffy missed her, and Steffy asks if it was worth flying from Australia just to kiss Liam. The mood at the table shifts. Steffy asks why she’s in LA and Ivy admits she’s there to see "another" handsome man: Steffy’s grandfather.

Deacon offers to get more food for Sheila. Finn suggests fruit to help her get more hydration. Finn checks her over while Deacon gets the food. He wishes she was at the hospital but Sheila says she’s going to get better faster while she’s with Deacon. Finn asks what happened. "Sugar happened," Sheila says.

More drinks arrive and Liam asks the ladies to change the subject. Ivy says she knows that it has been forever since they’ve seen each other, but Liam is the same kind and caring man she remembers. Steffy takes a drink while Ivy sings Liam’s praises.

Sheila doesn’t understand how Finn and Deacon knew about Sugar. Deacon reveals that he talked to Lauren Fenmore about it. Finn wants to know how Sugar was able to do what she did. Sheila says that she started getting texts from Sugar and that’s who she was going to see when she slipped out on her days off. Sugar never showed up, but then weeks later Sugar abducted her. She took Sheila to the warehouse and chained her up. Sheila was terrified of the rage Sugar had toward her. Sugar had been planning this the whole time she was in prison. "She wanted payback," Sheila says.

Ivy talks about how they’ve both evolved so much and she thinks that now they’ve grown they could be good together. Steffy reminds her that Liam is her daughter’s father and they need to go. Ivy kisses Liam again and runs out. "Being subtle is definitely not her strong suit," Steffy muses. "Neither is mine." Liam takes her wine away.

Ashleigh Brewer as Ivy Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful
Ashleigh Brewer as Ivy Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful

Deacon asks what Sugar did to her. Sheila thinks back to when she’d first been captured. Sugar says by the time anyone knows she’s missing she’ll be dead. She’s been holding on to so much anger toward Sheila. Sugar says Sheila ruined her life but that’s about to end. Sheila reminds Sugar that she was locked up for what she did to Lauren Fenmore’s son. Sugar says she gets to commit all the crimes in the world and make it look like Sheila did it, and the first crime will be killing Steffy.

Sheila tells Finn that she tried to stop Sugar but she couldn’t. All Sugar wanted was to make Sheila pay for what happened to her. Deacon hugs her as Sheila starts to cry.

In Malibu, Steffy tells Liam that the babysitter will be dropping Kelly off soon and she’s excited to see her. Steffy praises Liam’s dad skills, saying that she loves how he is with Kelly and Beth. Steffy admits she agrees with how amazing Liam is. Liam asks if Finn is due home and would be upset to have him there. This makes Steffy remember that she’d been concerned about him. She has a feeling about it and she used to feel that way because of Sheila. But Sheila is gone forever.

Sheila says Sugar had a "diabolical" plan to kill Steffy, and then Sheila would be locked up for the crime and Finn wouldn’t want anything to do with her. Sheila says Sugar doesn’t sound like her. Sugar clears her throat and when she speaks she sounds just like Sheila. Sheila begs her to not harm Steffy and the kids. "Tonight, Steffy Forrester dies, and you spend the rest of your miserable life behind bars," Sugar says. Sheila tries to stop her but she can’t. Sugar pulls on her hood and mask and leaves as Sheila begs her not to hurt Steffy.

Finn praises Sheila for trying to protect Steffy. Sheila says she loves Finn, Steffy and the kids and would do anything for them. Finn says everyone is fine and they’ll explain everything later. Right now they need to take care of Sheila. Finn can’t believe what she did to help them, and Sheila says she would do anything to protect Steffy and her children. "I believe you, mom," Finn says. He hugs her.

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