The Bold and the Beautiful recap for May 24, 2024: Sheila's wedding, Pt. 2

 Tanner Novlan as Finn in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Tanner Novlan as Finn in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Finn finds himself in quite a pickle when he tries to pick up pizza in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for May 24, 2024.

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We pick up today at Il Giardino, where Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) hugs Finn (Tanner Novlan), who looks outraged as she says she’s been praying for her son to show up at her wedding. And now here he is.

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) asks Liam (Scott Clifton) what the girls are up to. They’re making sock puppets of the entire family. Steffy loves how having the family together makes her forget about the wedding.

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) compliments how great Eric (John McCook) looks. He asks Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) if it’s true that Deacon (Sean Kanan) and Sheila are getting married. "What the hell is Deacon thinking?" Eric asks. He has to laugh, given he married Sheila, too. Brooke defends Eric, because they had no idea what a "psychopath" Sheila was years ago. Ridge points out that Deacon knows all about it.

Liam wonders if the wedding is happening right then. He wonders if the wedding is happening on the beach below the Malibu house. Steffy already checked. She knows how badly Sheila wants Finn there.

Finn tells Sheila that he’s there to pick up pizzas and he thought the wedding was at the beach. Deacon says he has to wait for the pizzas anyway, so he should just stay. Sheila, beaming, tells her son it was "meant to be."

Eric asks how Hope is doing given that her father is marrying Sheila. Brooke says she’ll never forget everything Sheila did, but she loves her father and that’s why she’s at the wedding as they speak. Eric wants to know why Brooke didn’t talk her out of going, and Brooke tells him about how Hope thinks Sheila might have changed. Ridge says it’s dangerous for her to be thinking that way.

Steffy says the girls will be getting hungry. Liam admits it’s nice of Finn to get pizza and Steffy says that despite all the pizza places to get pizza, Kelly prefers Deacon’s pizza.

Sheila and Deacon beg Finn to stay as Hope (Annika Noelle) looks on nervously. Deacon introduces Tom (Clint Howard) as their officiant and Hope as the maid of honor. Deacon begs him to stay while he waits for pizza. Finn and Hope exchange looks, and Finn reluctantly agrees to stay. Tom begins the ceremony, talking about fate bringing them all together. He talks about the passion he saw when they saved Sheila’s life. He can see Sheila’s passion and love for Deacon and Finn. When she looks at Finn, though, she sees he’s less than enthused. Tom talks about her past and the power of redemption and second chances.

Kimberlin Brown as Sheila in The Bold and the Beautiful
Kimberlin Brown as Sheila in The Bold and the Beautiful

Eric agrees with Ridge, that it’s "frightening" that Hope is "buying in" to the idea of Sheila changing. When Brooke mentions that Hope is standing up for Sheila as her maid of honor, Eric is outraged.

Liam asks Steffy how Finn is doing with the idea of Deacon and Sheila getting married. She knows that he knows why he can’t be at the wedding. Oh boy.

Tom tells Deacon to start with his vows. Finn still looks concerned as Deacon talks about Sheila entering his life "like a hurricane." He’s a big believer in redemption and second chances. He’s going to make the most of it. Hope exchanges an uncomfortable glance with Finn. Sheila calls being alive and getting married a miracle. She has Hope as a maid of honor and her son there to watch. (Hope and Finn exchange yet another concerned look). "You complete me," she says. "And all I’ve ever wanted, I have right now. Because all I’ve ever wanted was to be loved, completely."

Eric is so glad Finn won’t be at the wedding, even though Brooke says there’s a part of Finn that wants to be at the wedding. Ridge is glad he won’t be there.

Liam asks if it was Deacon’s idea for Finn to be in the wedding. Steffy thinks Sheila put him up to it. They both remark that it’s taking a long time for Finn to get the pizza.

Tom finishes up the vows. When Tom asks for the rings, Deacon gives them to Finn to give to Tom. Finn looks very conflicted, but he does it. Hope smiles at him. Deacon and Sheila exchange their rings and finish the ceremony. When Deacon makes a joke about Sheila’s nine toes, Hope and Finn exchange another look. Deacon and Sheila kiss while Finn looks away.

Steffy sends Finn a text, asking where he is. Little does she know, he’s watching Deacon and Sheila exchange a kiss as husband and wife.

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