The Bold and the Beautiful recap for May 8, 2024: Hope warns Finn about Steffy

 Hope (Annika Noelle) in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Hope (Annika Noelle) in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Sheila gives Deacon an answer to his proposal in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for May 8, 2024.

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We begin today at Deacon’s (Sean Kanan) house, where Finn (Tanner Novlan) thanks Hope (Annika Noelle) for not judging him. She says the shock hasn’t worn off for her, but she can imagine he’s relieved that Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) isn’t alive. He is looking forward to having Sheila in his life anew. Hope points out that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) despises Sheila and asking her to accept his birth mother in his life is a tall order.

Steffy is telling Liam (Scott Clifton) about their daughter’s latest exploits. After sharing a laugh, Steffy thanks him for taking her mind off of Sheila.

On the roof at Il Giardino, Deacon asks Sheila to marry him and wants to finish what they started. “Let’s make it official, for real this time,” he says. He says he was “skittish” before because he didn’t know what would happen with Hope, but now he wants to give her “full and complete commitment” to Sheila.

Steffy can’t stop the stream of thoughts about Sheila in her head. Liam reminds her that Sheila doesn’t have power over her. “Or Finn,” Steffy says.

Hope knows Finn is grateful that Sheila is alive, but she wants to be realistic. Finn doesn’t want to spend the next chapter punishing her. “I’m her son. We have a connection,” he says. Hope asks him how Steffy will react when he tells her that Sheila is alive.

Sheila tells Deacon is making it hard for her not to say yes. He wants to take care of her, but Sheila doesn’t want to hide her love for him. He says he’s not keeping their love a secret anymore. “The misfit couple of LA,” he says. He knows Hope will come around and “screw” everyone else. He’s ready to scream it from the rooftops. With that, Sheila agrees to marry him.

Liam says Sheila’s death frees up some emotional space for her. She agrees, saying it’s good for her and Finn. She knows Finn is committed to his family and she’s glad to see him moving on from Sheila.

Scott Clifton as Liam Spencer in The Bold and the Beautiful
Scott Clifton as Liam Spencer in The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope can’t believe her father is such a detective and she admits she’s impressed with his skills. Finn calls him a hero, but Hope knows what’s going to happen when everyone else finds out. Finn admits he’s “bracing” for the revelation and he knows it won’t be easy. But he hopes someday he can get through to Steffy about it so that Steffy can be in their lives.

The newly engaged couple sit down and Sheila says she’ll never take this moment for granted. When he calls her Mrs. Sharpe, she says she likes that name.

Steffy is glad Finn can finally focus on their family instead of Sheila and Deacon’s rants. She’s about to go home and reconnect with Finn, but she thanks Liam for listening.

Finn says that as a doctor he believes in the power of reform and growth. The fact that Sheila offered her life to save his family says a lot, and he has to think that Steffy will be glad she didn’t kill his birth mother. He appreciates Hope listening to him, and she’s glad he’s comfortable sharing it all with her. She says she’s there for him if he ever needs anyone to talk to, and he gives her a big hug. Finn says he’s going to head home and tell Steffy. He knows it’s going to work out. She hopes so.

Sheila tells Deacon she can’t get enough of being with him. She was worried she would never see him again. He points out that he hosted a funeral for her and felt like she was still alive the whole time. And now here they are, and engaged to boot. She’s so happy to have him in her life. She thought she was going to die but his love kept her going. He reminds her that Finn will stand by her, too. “I have my people. I finally have my family,” she says. She’s not alone anymore. “You and my son saved me,” she says.

Hope is working late at Forrester Creations but she’s distracted by what she saw earlier. “I can’t believe my dad was right. Sheila’s alive,” she says. She thinks about talking to Finn about how difficult it will be for him to tell Steffy about Sheila. “I hope Steffy doesn’t disappoint you, Finn.”

At home, Steffy gets a text from Finn saying he can’t wait to see her. She lit a bunch of candles and when he comes in she says the kids are with Grandma Li. She’s happy to see how happy he is. “I’m a little fired up,” he says. She admits he seemed distracted but he says he was dealing with a “next level” event. He says he tries to see the good in everyone and she loves that in him. She loves seeing how different he is from that morning and he admits his whole world shifted because of this “amazing news.” He smiles at her, on the precipice of telling her about Sheila.

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