The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Poppy shuts down Li?

 Li (Naomi Matsuda) in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Li (Naomi Matsuda) in The Bold and the Beautiful.

At long last, the identity of Luna’s father has been revealed on The Bold and the Beautiful. Will that mean Poppy can finally silence Li’s attacks on her character?

As soon as Li (Naomi Matsuda) learned that Poppy (Romy Park) was in Los Angeles, she unleashed loads of pent-up fury and frustration that her sister was in the same city. According to Li, Poppy has always been a freewheeling, carefree spirit who preys on older, rich men and uses them to fund her lifestyle.

Poppy always insisted that her sister was wrong about her, and now she’s got a chance to prove it with the results of Luna’s (Lisa Yamada) paternity test. Maybe Li had it wrong the whole time; maybe Poppy was attracted to older, rich men because she never gave up loving Bill Spencer (Don Diamont).

Li’s anger always seemed to be twofold. On the one hand, she was upset that Poppy’s past indiscretion — namely sleeping with the married head of surgery at Li’s hospital — almost got her fired and came close to ruining her career. On the other hand, Li has always worked hard and had to face every obstacle head-on while Poppy managed to dance through life and managed to avoid conflict or take responsibility for her actions.

Of course, Poppy isn’t without flaws. Her "special mints" almost ended Luna’s relationship with RJ (Joshua Hoffman), causing a huge rift with her daughter that threatened to tear their mother-daughter bond apart. Now that things have settled down and Luna is back with RJ, Poppy has reconnected with her daughter and will likely connect even more as their new family unit, one that includes Bill, grows stronger.

At long last, Poppy might be able to start mending her relationship with Li now that she’s proved how much her connection to Bill has meant to her all these years. At the very least, she can likely shut down her sister’s attacks now that she has a powerful connection with Bill that’s clearly not based on his money.

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