Bomb disposal squad descend on Tory MP Paul Scully's home after WW2 device found in the garden

Sophia Sleigh

An MP today told how a bomb disposal squad descended on his home after his partner discovered an unexploded WW2 device in the garden.

Paul Scully, the Conservative MP for Sutton and Cheam, was at his partner’s house in Surbiton on Friday when she stumbled across the 1kg bomb while tending to the flowerbeds.

The Minister for Small Business told the Standard: “My other half was gardening and I was doing some calls. In the middle of a call she was waving something at me through the window.

“I didn’t realise until afterwards it was a World War Two bomb. By the time I’d finished my call she’d spoken to a neighbour – a former army and police officer – who had contacted a friend to discover it was a 1kg Luftwaffe incendiary device that would have had magnesium in the bottom of it if it was in one piece."

Tory MP Paul Scully (Alex Lentati)

The ordinance in Mr Scully's garden was broken, but he urged anyone making a similar discovery not to pick up a suspected device.

“The bomb squad guy said there are a lot around and if you do see them don’t move it next time," he said. “Definitely don’t wave it around in the window”

"We thought things can’t be too bad when he was banging it on the floor and it was missing the bit at the bottom that would have had all the explosives and the detonator in it. So that was fine.

“He explained to us what it was and took it off – panic over. It kept the neighbours entertained for a little while.

"Apparently a lot of this area was bombed during the war. I know a neighbour still has an Anderson Shelter in their garden."