Bomb found by fishermen in Italy's drought-hit Rover Po defused and blown up in quarry

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A controlled explosion has been carried out on a Second World War bomb uncovered during a drought on Italy's River Po.

The 450kg (71 stone) bomb found near the northern village of Borgo Virgilio - between Milan and Bologna - was made safe on Sunday.

Around 3,000 people were evacuated and nearby roads, rail, and airspace closed as military experts removed the fuse.

Police escorted the bomb squad to a quarry 30 miles away in Medole, where the device was detonated.

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The army said the US-made bomb contained 240kg (38 stone) of explosives.

"At first, some of the inhabitants said they would not move, but in the last few days, we think we have persuaded everyone," said the mayor of Borgo Virgilio, Francesco Aporti.

The bomb was found by fishermen on the banks of the River Po - Italy's longest river - on 25 July.

A state of emergency was declared around the river last month as it endures its worst drought in 70 years and heatwave conditions.

The Po helps irrigate crops and accounts for about a third of agricultural production in Italy, but water levels have fallen significantly.

Italy's National Research Council says 2022 is so far the driest since records began in 1800, with rainfall down 46% nationwide - and the north is the worst-affected area.