Here’s a bombshell for Philip Hammond | Brief letters

Chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond campaigning on Wednesday. Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images

Someone should ask Philip Hammond, a former secretary of state for defence, exactly which bombs Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t supply to the army (Report, 4 May). It’s the RAF that uses bombs (in the absence of naval aircraft capable of this, due to the Tories scrapping them).
Joe Power
Farnborough, Hampshire

• Viv Groskop comments wittily on the absence of a word for “privacy”, in the sense of “personal space”, in Russian (G2, 3 May), though it’s worth mentioning it’s well equipped with terms related to “spaciousness”. But are any other languages different? Neither French nor German seem to have convenient word for that meaning of “privacy”. Maybe it’s an English sort of thing.
Robin Milner-Gulland
Washington, West Sussex

• As an ex-resident of Cornwall, I can spot the fake pictures (Front page, 3 May) of Theresa May eating a chip. Where are the seagulls swooping to snatch it from her fingers?
Martin Cooper
Newport, Isle of Wight

• In Sweden, where our grandchildren were born, there is a very sensible convention on the naming of grandparents (Letters, passim). Mother’s parents are Mormor and Morfar, Father’s parents are Farmor and Farfar. Therefore, my daughter’s children call me “Mormor” but my husband was curiously dubbed “Baba” by our one-year-old granddaughter and the epithet has stuck!
Sue Trowbridge
Alresford, Hampshire

• Not to worry, Dr Campbell (Letters, 4 May), post-Brexit we shall have control of our own flora, and British bluebells will have nothing to fear from Spanish immigrants in their beds, attractive as they are!
Chris Osborne
West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire

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