Bombshell poll suggests shock result in both Solihull seats

Solihull High Street.
-Credit: (Image: Sam Greenway LDR)

A new bombshell poll suggests Solihull’s electoral map could look dramatically different after next week’s election. With less than a week to polling day, polls are now suggesting it could be a poor night for the Tories in the town.

The poll by Find Out Now and Electoral Calculus, for the Daily Mirror and GBN News, is forecasting Labour will win with an astonishing landslide and an unprecedented majority of 250 seats. The poll breaks down into individual Westminster seats and it is predicted overall Labour would be on 450 seats, the Liberal Democrats on 71 and the Conservatives pushed into third on 60.

In a shock, according to the poll, two of Labour’s gains would be Solihull West and Shirley, and Meriden and Solihull East. Throughout the campaign polls have switched with both seats forecast for Tories and Labour at various points.

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But if the latest poll is correct it would be an astonishing result given both are considered among the safest seats in the country for the Tories and the previous general election result in 2019. Solihull West and Shirley, which was previously Solihull, was won by a healthy majority of 21,273 by the Tories while Meriden and Solihull East - formerly Meriden - was won by the Tories by a majority of 19,865 in that election.

The multi-level regression and post-stratification (MRP) method used for the latest poll successfully forecast the 2017 and 2019 elections. Polling of 19,993 adults took place online between June 14 and June 24.

Voters, who will need to bring identification to the ballot box, will be able to take part in the democratic process this Thursday, (July 4).

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