Boomtown Rats bandmate sues Bob Geldof for millions

It was one of the biggest hits of the ‘70s, and propelled a pre-Live Aid Bob Geldof into the nations’ living rooms in his guise of bedraggled Boomtown Rats frontman.

Bob Geldof

But now a fellow bandmate is claiming that HE wrote the band’s controversial hit ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ – and is suing Irish rocker Bob for millions of pounds.

Geldof was credited as the sole writer of the 1979 record, but now the band’s former keyboard player Johnny Fingers is seeking two-thirds of the royalties – some 37 years after it hit the charts.

Fingers, whose real name is John Moylett, claims he wrote the music and some of the lyrics to the song, which was inspired by a fatal school shooting carried out by 16-year old Brenda Spencer. Spencer, who is still in prison and now 54-years-old, told police “I don’t like Mondays. This just livens up the day” when questioned about the crime.

Boomtown Rats

FIngers says he was pressured by Geldof to agree to sole writing credits at the time, and suggests the Live Aid man told him he would be responsible for ‘splitting up the band’ if he caused any trouble. He says he played the familiar piano riff to Geldof, who initially dismissed it as “too classical and not ratsy enough.” When the rest of the band joined in, they realised they had a hit on their hands.

As you’d imagine, Geldof isn’t too bowled over with Fingers’ version of events, and says he’s dreamt the whole thing up. He’s asked for the claim to be struck out of court on the grounds that it’s so long since the record was released a fair trial is impossible.

Broadcaster Paul Gambaccini says royalties for the hit are likely to run into seven figures. “Because it is a recording that is unique, it has been played for years. Even though tastes changed, it never dated. There will be a lot of money involved.”

Bob Geldof

A date has yet to be set for the High Court hearing.

By: Stewart Turner