Boost your tomato harvest with this gardener's 60-second trick for bigger fruits

Tomato Greenhouse
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A gardening enthusiast has shared a handy tip for growing plump, juicy tomatoes that are perfect for any meal.

If you're looking to add fresh, ripe tomatoes to your sandwiches or salads, this little trick might just be the secret to a bountiful harvest. It requires a bit of patience, but the rewards are well worth it.

Jennifer, a keen gardener with a following of 39K on social media, recently revealed her secret to her followers. "Grow bigger, better tomatoes," she captioned in a video published on her @5mingardener TikTok profile.

As reported by the Express, she explained: "One of the best things I've learned over the years is that when you have tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers or squash, and they start to flower and they're still small plants, the best thing you can do is to cut those flowers off.

"They're not really ready to produce fruit. They need to focus on growing, getting bigger and stronger. So sacrifice that early harvest for the larger yield in the long run."

"This also includes the plants you get in the store," she added. "They'll be stronger if you pluck off those flowers when you first plant them, cause then they'll focus on making roots," she concluded.

Her helpful video received several comments from grateful viewers.

One person, who had been wrestling with the decision, expressed their gratitude for the advice, writing: "THANK YOU! ! The dilemma I was growing through over this."

Another viewer was eager to try out the tip, commenting: "I will try this. Thank you! ".

A third also claimed success using the method. They explained: "I do that with my pepper plants too. Most of the plants need to cut off head and first flower. And let them branching and growing."

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