Boots lorry with brilliantly ironic branding breaks down and blocks entire road

The lorry blocked a road in South London

A lorry bearing the words “ease congestion” failed to follow its own advice after breaking down across an entire street.

The vehicle, which had a Boots advert for flu medication plastered on its side, caused tailbacks after blocking both lanes.

But police officers appreciated the irony and shared the picture of the lorry on Twitter, which has since been shared, retweeted and liked hundreds of times, on Saturday evening.

Sutton MPS tweeted: “Unfortunately this lorry is doing anything but…Please avoid St Nichols Way. Traffic very solid.”

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In the replies to the tweet, one wag quipped: “Sort it out Boots”.

Police said that the lorry broke down just as it was reversing into a delivery bay, meaning it parked across the road, stopping traffic in both directions.

The road re-opened about an hour later following ‘some genius towing’ by Roads and Transport officers.

The incident is the second road incident where advertising has provided an unfortunate backdrop in as many days.

The image of pensioner’s ironic car crash went viral after he smashed into a bollard – right outside a branch of Specsavers.

The unidentified driver, said to be in his 80s, was driving a blue Hyundai at the time of the crash – but it’s not clear whether or not he was wearing glasses.