'These boots are made for shooting': Indian man designs shoes for women's self defence

Shyam Chaurasia, a man from Varanasi district, India's Uttar Pradesh, has come up with a creative idea that allows women in the country to feel safer when walking on the streets. Chaurasia created a safety kit that includes a purse, sandals, and earrings. If in danger, women can use these items to automatically contact the police as well as personal contacts. The handbag, which he calls "Smart Purse Gun", looks like any other everyday bag. But here is the trick: there's a very small red button that can make a huge difference. If pressed, it fires a shot. The shots fired are not real bullets but blank tablets. The gunshot sound would help the woman scare the attacker and attract attention from nearby people. The "Smart anti-rape sandals" have the same mechanism as the bag he invented but they can also be connected to a person's Bluetooth. The earrings are equipped with a GPS tracking device and have an emergency call feature. The inventor said that he came up with these ideas to protect women in a society where they are often victims of violence and abuse. The safety kit costs 31.35 dollars but Chaurasia says that these devices aren't ready yet. He is now receiving support from Abdul Kalam University (AKTU)'s innovation hub to release these products into the market. When ready, they can be used for a whole week if charged for two hours.