Border collie dashes into the Loch Lomond - like punters rushing to pubs for a pint

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A woman and her border collie have gone viral on TikTok - with a video of the dog running into Loch Lomond compared to punters rushing to pubs for a pint.

Kiera McDiarmid, 25, first started sharing videos of three-year-old border collie Blue on TikTok in March last year, during the first lockdown.

The videos originally consisted of Kiera and Blue's daily adventures in their hometown of Bonhill, West Dunbartonshire, but have now moved to adventures throughout Scotland.

Kiera, who owns a cleaning business, was surprised to find the attention the videos received, with one particular video of Blue diving into the water at Loch Lomond, Argyll and Bute, racking up likes and comments from enchanted TikTok users.  

Kiera already had the video saved on her phone, and when she uploaded it on March 30 couldn't believe how quickly the video blew up in popularity.

The video was seen by two million viewers, and racked up 214,000 likes, with 1800 comments, with some users comparing Blue to Jesus - and others saying the pooch looked like people rushing to the pub.

Kiera, who got Blue in June 2018, said: "I've always made videos of him since he was a puppy. 

"I never thought of putting them online until I joined TikTok in March last year. 

"I just started uploading videos of me and Blue on walks, or Blue doing tricks, and they were getting well received. 

"When I put up the video of Blue running into the water at Loch Lomond, it just blew up.

"We were at a beach called Duck Bay at Loch Lomond, and Blue flew out of the car and into the water with no second thought.

"I took the video in June 2020 and had it saved on my phone. When I uploaded it on TikTok on March 30 this year, the likes kept coming in.

"Some users compared Blue to Jesus saying he could walk on water, while some compared him to people rushing back to the pubs now restrictions are lifted.

"I think maybe everyone loves how fast he is, and how he just didn't stop.

"Since then I've been uploading videos of him daily on our travels around Scotland, doing different things such as tricks, or going walks, or being in the background of a sunset.

"Everyone seems to love him."

Border collies are sheepherders and were originally bred to work livestock into pens, and are known for being extremely intelligent and energetic dogs. 

Kiera, who named Blue after a Velociraptor from the Jurassic Park films, is loving the reaction to her pet online. 

Kiera added: "It's great, and I like that everyone loves our dog. 

"He's very affectionate, hyperactive, and loves to engage with people.

"I'm just going to keep documenting him, and our adventures. 

"I can't complain about him getting more famous, he's an amazing dog."