'Boring 2012' conference becomes complete sell-out

Surprise hit: Boring 2012, which takes place on Sunday, has completely sold out (Fotolia)

A 'Boring Conference' organised to celebrate the dullest subjects in the world is in danger of becoming 'interesting' after completely selling out.

Boring 2012, which organisers say is a 'celebration of the prosaic and the mundane', will include talks on self-service checkouts, toast, pylons and shop fronts.

But far from being a niche event attended by a handful of curious punters, the one-day conference in east London has infact completely sold out.

Also on the programme for Boring 2012 are discussions on Auto-Sensory Meridian Response videos, yellow lines, IBM tills, and gardening.

Organisers say the event, now in its third year, will feature 'nothing interesting, worthwhile or important'.

They add: "Come and listen to people talking about things of no interest and then go home and get on with your lives like none of this ever happened."

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Previous topics at the surprise-hit conference have included 'electric hand-dryers, square roots and the thoughts of a man who kept a list of everything he had eaten in the past year'.

The creator of the event, James Ward, said celebrating boredom is an antidote to the in-your-face, noisy world of modern advertising and media.

He told the BBC: "Boring is the opposite of that - it's slow, makes you think more. It's about stillness and patience."

Bosses say the event was set up in response to the cancellation of the 'Interesting Conference' in 2010.

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