The image that shows how powerful Boris Johnson will be in this Parliament

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, London.
Boris Johnson in the House of Commons on Wednesday (PA)

A revealing graphic has shown just how much power Boris Johnson will have in this parliamentary term - and how powerless Labour will be.

The image demonstrates how Jeremy Corbyn’s “New Clause 2” amendment to Mr Johnson’s Brexit bill - which would have required the government to negotiate an agreement with the EU protecting workers’ rights - was voted down by 336 Conservative MPs, with the help of eight DUP members, on Wednesday.

Opposition “noes”, including Labour, the SNP and Liberal Democrats, amounted to just 255.

Six other amendments tabled by opposition parties, including one clause which would have required “close alignment” with the EU single market, were also defeated with similar Tory numbers.

It came as the bill continues to sail through the Commons ahead of the January 31 Brexit deadline.

Voting on Jeremy Corbyn's New Clause 2
Voting on Jeremy Corbyn's New Clause 2

The contrast to Mr Johnson’s turbulent first three months as prime minister, before the general election was called, could not be any more stark.

After Mr Johnson took over from Theresa May in July last year, his government suffered a humiliating dozen defeats.

It found itself hamstrung by a lack of Tory numbers following Mrs May’s election disaster in 2017, as well as the PM’s own alienation of moderate MPs who quit or were sacked after not following his Brexit policy.

But Mr Johnson’s electoral success last month, winning a majority of 80, means the government is now flexing its muscles - and drowning out the voices of opposition parties.

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It means that once Brexit is “done” on January 31, the PM will be able to bend domestic policy to his will, with questions remaining about what direction he will pursue.

On Thursday, the bill was at its third reading following Wednesday’s committee stage. It is again set to ease through the Commons before it moves on to the House of Lords - which is effectively powerless to stop its passage - for scrutiny before it gains Royal Assent and becomes law.

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