Boris Johnson to make debut on world stage as he travels to Paris and Berlin for Brexit talks

Olivia Tobin

Boris Johnson is set to make his debut on the world stage today as he travels to France and Germany for crunch Brexit talks.

The Prime Minister is to travel to Berlin this morning for talks with German chancellor Angela Merkel, before then travelling to Paris to meet French President Emmanuel Macron.

Mr Johnson will then appear at the G7 summit for world leaders in south west France.

Making his first trip abroad as PM, Mr Johnson is expected to put forward that there must be a new Brexit deal.

Mr Johnson will make clear to the French president and German chancellor that Britain will leave the European Union on October 31 with or without a deal.

Mr Johnson will meet Angela Merkel on Wednesday (Getty Images)

The PM, who is heading to Berlin on Wednesday and Paris on Thursday, is expected to say that Parliament will not and cannot cancel the outcome of the EU referendum.

He will insist there must be a new deal to replace Theresa May's thrice-defeated Withdrawal Agreement if Britain is to leave with a settlement on October 31.

However, Number 10 said it expects there will be "very little discussion" of Brexit during the visits, predicting that each side would state its position and then move on to other topics.

Instead, it is thought the discussions will revolve around next weekend's G7 agenda - with topics including foreign policy, security, trade and the environment likely to dominate.

Mr Johnson is expected to meet Mr Macron on Thursday, in Paris (EPA)

Mr Johnson will meet world leaders at the summit in Biarritz, France, where he will seek to spread the message of the UK's "renewed global reach".

He is also expected to discuss how states can work together to address challenges facing the world's biggest economies, such as fears about the financial system, security issues and climate change.

Mr Johnson’s visit comes after he said he will enter talks with EU leaders with “a lot of oomph”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (AP)

Speaking to Sky News on Tuesday, Mr Johnson reiterated his opposition to the Northern Irish backstop, saying: "The existing agreement just doesn't work for the UK. And Parliament has thrown it out three times. We can't have this backstop.

"So I'm going to go to see our friends and partners - I'm going off to Germany and then to France, and then to see the G7 at Biarritz, and I'm going to make the point that the backstop is going to come out.

"I think there is a real sense now that something needs to be done with this backstop. We can't get it through Parliament as it is.

"So I'm going to go at it with a lot of oomph as you'd expect and will be making some progress in the next few weeks."