Boris Johnson drinks can of peach juice from Fukushima to prove produce from nuclear meltdown site is safe

Helena Horton
The Foreign Secretary swigged the juice  - Tarō Kōno/Twitter

Boris Johnson was filmed drinking a can of peach juice from Fukushima, an area of Japan which has suffered a triple nuclear meltdown.

He was swigging from the can, which Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs Tarō Kōno brought to London in a visit to the Foreign Office this week.

Appearing to enjoy the drink, the Foreign Secretary said: "Very good … Mmm."

He studied the label intently after he drank, before taking another gulp.

Smiling to the camera again, he pronounced: "Yum! Mmm!", appearing to drain the drink.

The Japanese minister tweeted the video of Mr Johnson happily drinking from the can, which it appears he took on his smartphone.

Tarō Kōno tweeted: "British FM Boris Johnson drinking peach juice from Fukushima, showing the products from Fukushima are safe."

The two met in London to discuss security and defence and were joined in talks by their countries’ respective defence ministers, Itsunori Onodera and Gavin Williamson

Some countries have imposed restrictions on imports from the area, which is a prominent producer of peaches, due to fears about the safety of the produce but the EU has said it would ease restrictions on imports of agricultural items and seafood introduced to the area after the 2011 meltdown.

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After the meltdown, more than 50 countries banned imports of food from the Fukushima, and around half of these, including the US and China, still have these restrictions in place.

Many Japanese politicians have eaten or drank produce from the area in an attempt to prove it is safe.

This has not always gone to plan; in 2011 Yasuhiro Sonoda, who was at the time a ruling party MP, was seen shaking as he sipped from a glass of decontaminated water collected from inside two reactor buildings at Fukushima Daiichi.