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    Imogen Jayne Harrison
    Good luck to the chap. He will need it because like this or not, he has arrived early at this stage. The next 7 to 10 days will be crucial for him.

    One of the problems with this virus is that the government has allowed the idea that it is like a flu virus to persist. Even the prime minister and his team went with this line in the beginning.
    Let me tell you it is nothing like a flu virus. 90% of people may recover, but for those who don't the prognosis can be quite devastating.

    Keep in, keep safe. give the walk in the park a miss.
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    Few doubt it's serious a few hours earlier Johnson was tweeting the country claiming "it was routine" but within hours the PM was moved to intensive care and Dominic Raab had taken over. The PM is not on a ventilator which is a good sign as if it comes to that then it's critical.
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    Can we all remember as we are wishing Johnson well that we should also wish the thousands of others who are sharing his fate at the moment and spare a thought for those who have lost their lives
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    Hydroxychloroquine - a US lawmaker spoke tonight about having her life saved by it.
    Was very critically ill, and just a couple hours later she could feel a major difference. Tonight she gave a TV interview and had a nice full normal voice.
    Blessings, and speedy recovery Mr. Johnson xxxooo From USA
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    Well there you go people of England . Please stay at home now and do the right things,as requested, and for the sake of Boris Johnson. This is what he really wishes for the British public so give him and yourselves a chance. Get well soon Boris
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    Why all the thumbs down for warm words towards the PM? Even if you disagree with his politics, he is still a person. I can't abide the Momentum wing of Labour for wrecking a party I used to support. However if Lavery, Corbyn or anyone of that ilk had the virus, I would want them to get better.
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    He looks unwell andlike it took all his energy on last Thursday clap for carers. Admire his strength not a typical man down playing his symptoms. Get well soon Boris. P
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    The country's prayers go out to you Prime Minister, we wish you a speedy recovery.
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    Dear Prime Minister: Get well soon, this wonderful country needs you!
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    All the thumbs down need to remember that whatever your opinion of Johnson he has worked and continues to do so with his government to help the UK through this difficult time and this is from someone who didn't think highly of Johnson.