Boris Johnson Joins Ukrainian Soldiers on Military Training Exercise in Yorkshire

Prime Minister Boris Johnson joined Ukrainian soldiers on a military training exercise in North Yorkshire, England, in late July, as the troops were being trained by the British Armed Forces.

Video released by 10 Downing Street shows Johnson wearing military attire and participating in exercises.

In the footage, Johnson said 400 Ukrainian soldiers were being trained in Yorkshire and that the United Kingdom hopes to train around 10,000 Ukrainian troops in the following four months. Johnson said he was “absolutely convinced” that Ukrainian forces would succeed against Russia.

The first cohort of Ukrainian soldiers to be trained by the British Armed Forces arrived in the United Kingdom earlier in July. Credit: 10 Downing Street via Storyful

Video transcript

BORIS JOHNSON: I just want you to know that the people of the United Kingdom support the people of Ukraine and support you in your fight. And I am absolutely convinced that you can win and that you will win. Thank you very much. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] and [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Ukraine.


- So once our friend forces in position, we are then going to move forward. I'll get you a grenade.

- The angle over here. Just don't go in [INAUDIBLE].


- So what we're going to do now is we're going to breach in the entry. Then cross the side.

BORIS JOHNSON: It's going well. Great. [INAUDIBLE] total success.

I've been meeting some of the 400 Ukrainian troops who are here being trained by our forces, getting ready to go and fight in Ukraine. That's part of a huge commitment we've made to train Ukrainian forces. We want to train about 10,000 of them over the next four months.

That comes on top of the investment we're making in supporting Ukrainians with weaponry, 6,900 anti-tank weapons, 120 armored vehicles, and much, much else besides including now the multiple launch rocket systems that together the Americans, Germans, and others were providing really are starting to make a difference.

We hope to the course of that war starting to push back Putin's evil attack on Ukraine. I know that in the end, the Ukrainian people are going to succeed. I know that the Ukrainian forces are going to succeed.

I'm very proud of the role that the UK has been able to play so far. But in the end, this is thanks to the bravery and the heroism of these Ukrainian troops. [INAUDIBLE]