‘This is work’: Boris Johnson lookalikes rave outside No 10 to mock PM

Around 100 ravers dressed up in blonde wigs to look like Boris Johnson have gathered for an impromptu party outside Downing Street.

Bizarre scenes of a sea of blonde lookalikes pogoing to intense techno music with the refrains ‘my name is Boris’ and ‘this is a work event’ were spotted by Channel 4 journalist Liz Bates on Friday lunchtime.

The Boris’s were filmed opening cans of lager and bottles of Rosé cheering and whooping as they danced to the music.

The group were organised by Youtuber Jaackmaate with their anthem ‘My Name is Boris’ produced by Alfie Indra.

Boris rave outside Downing Street (Supplied)
Boris rave outside Downing Street (Supplied)

Lucas Pollock, 20, who came dressed as a Mr Johnson armed with a bottle of wine and party poppers, said the gaggle of Boris’s wouldn’t leave until the prime minister resigned.

He told the Standard: “It’s great fun down here, if they can do it in the back garden we can do it outside.

“Many people, like myself, lost people over lockdown. I find it an insult that the Prime Minister of this country was having cheese and wine and passing it off as a work event - so we thought we’ll have a work event too!

“The police don’t seem to care about Covid parties inside Downing Street so we are not worried about them.

“We’re here until he resigns. We won’t go until that man leaves Parliament.”

On the tune playing ‘My name is Boris’ he said: “It’s going to be sound of the summer ‘My name is Boris and I like to party’ it’s his voice over!

“We’re not mocking the victims they are in our hearts.

The Boris’s gathered in Trafalgar Square (Supplied)
The Boris’s gathered in Trafalgar Square (Supplied)

“We are mocking the man who has lied to the country and lied constantly throughout his reign.”

‘This is a work event’ has become a living meme thanks to Mr Johnson’s excuse he gave to the House of Commons for attending a party at Downing Street on May 20.

It comes as No1 apologised to Buckingham Palace for two leaving bashes held in Downing Street on the night before the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

Downing Street acted after the Prime Minister’s former director of communications himself apologised for the “anger and hurt” caused by the leaving gathering held in Downing Street the night before the Duke’s funeral.

James Slack, who last year left No10 to become deputy editor-in-chief at The Sun, said the party on April 16 2021 “should not have happened at the time that it did”.

Another leaving do took place for a photographer.