Boris Pistorius is sworn in as Germany's new defence minister

German lawmakers appointed Boris Pistorius as the country's new Defence Minister on Thursday following the resignation of Christine Lambrecht.

Pistorius, a member of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democratic Party who has served as Interior Minister of Lower Saxony state since 2013, took his oath of office in parliament in Berlin.

He inherits the job of steering Germany's military modernisation project and overseeing expanding weapons deliveries to Ukraine amid Russia's invasion.

He had been selected by Chancellor Scholz on Tuesday and he takes over the role at a time of momentous change.

The chancellor insisted Pistorius was the right man for the job at a time when Germany is looking to overhaul and revive its armed forces in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Scholz called Pistorius "an extremely experienced politician" who "has been involved in security policy for years and, with his competence, assertiveness and big heart, is exactly the right person to lead the Bundeswehr (armed forces) through this era of change".