Borough creates warm spaces as energy bill rise

Burnley's Central Methodist Church
Burnley's Central Methodist Church

A LOCAL authority is masterminding plans to create a network of 'warm spaces' for residents this winter.

Burnley Together - a partnership between the borough council and local community and voluntary organisations set up in March 2020 to support people through the Coronavirus outbreak - has already identified five locations for the initiative.

It is now looking for more and plans to create a central register of warm spaces as the cost of living crisis and rising energy bills hit households.

Already Burnley Leisure, St Stephen’s Church, Valley Street community centre, Central Methodist Church and Church on the Street have signed up for the scheme.

Nicola Larnach, Burnley Together's co-ordinator, said: “This winter, despite the support given by government, some people in our borough will be forced to make tough decisions about when and what they eat, what they can do in life, and when they can afford to heat their home.

“We are working with our local partners, building on the great work we did during the Covid pandemic, to create a network of Warm Spaces, a group of places where people can come together to stay warm, perhaps enjoy activities, a warm drink and a meal.

"It’s an initiative that is already successfully running in a number of towns and cities across the country.

“If you've got a Warm Space already, please tell us about your facilities and services by filling in our special questionnaire so we can add it to our directory.”

The scheme dovetails with a similar initiative by Lancashire County Council.