The Boss Baby director addresses 'timely' Donald Trump comparisons

Jacob Stolworthy

Many people are drawing parallels between the protagonist of DreamWorks' new animated film The Boss Baby and President Donald Trump.

The film, from the makers of Megamind, follows a suit-wearing briefcase-carrying baby who is voiced by Alec Baldwin - the very actor who has spent the past six months lampooning Trump on Saturday Night Live.

Director Tom McGrath spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the 'timely' Trump analogies associated with his film.

He said: “A lot of people think these movies could have been made in the last three months and they go, 'Was this based off Trump?' And to me, I think it’s actually great. Alec is a hardworking guy, and he’s very funny, and it’s no surprise that he can do Trump. He always came in and gave us his De Niro or Chris Walken, all these characters that he’d transform into, and so it’s no surprise - of course he can do Trump.

“But who knew six years ago when we started this… you never know where Alec’s going to be, where the country’s going to be, what the climate’s going to be. But a lot of people, I think, even looks-wise, see this little blonde baby in this suit, and it’s not a hard leap to project [Trump] on it.”

Animator-turned-director McGrath is best known for directing the Madagascar films.

The Boss Baby is in cinemas now.