Boston Commuter Train Fire Prompts Emergency Evacuation

A Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) commuter train caught fire while approaching a station in Somerville on Thursday, July 21, prompting passengers to evacuate.

The MBTA said the Orange Line train carrying around 200 passengers stopped between Wellington and Assembly stations.

In a preliminary inspection, the MBTA found “a section of the sheet metal, or side panel, on the vehicle, appears to have come in contact with the third rail, igniting material below the car.”

Video posted by Glen Grondin shows passengers evacuating, with some climbing out of a broken window onto the train tracks. Credit: Glen Grondin via Storyful

Video transcript

- Yeah, I would--


- I would be very careful.


- Yeah.

- The third rail?

- One in each direction.

- I think it's the elevated one.

- It's kind of--


- I know, it's not very good, but--

- It's kind of dark. Proof to work.



- I know, right, at this point.

- Out of the way for [INAUDIBLE]. please.


- Everybody keep walking back, please. Walk back.


- OK.

- Everybody walk back, please.

- [INAUDIBLE] cool with that.


- I'm sorry.



- [INAUDIBLE] walk back. Keep walking back.


- Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am. Let's keep walking back. Keep walking back. [INAUDIBLE].

- Oh my God.

- [INAUDIBLE] Hang tight.

- Wow.

[? [RUMBLING] ?]

- OK.

- [INAUDIBLE] patrol.

- Yeah, [INAUDIBLE].

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