‘Botched’ Patient Has Amazing Transformation

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

George visited Botched surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif after a scooter injury left him with a massive scar and “three eyebrows.” George’s scar was so severe that the doctor first had to implant tissue expanders to get enough soft tissue to perform the surgery.

To get the extra tissue, two small bladders were surgically implanted in George’s forehead. Over several weeks, saline solution was injected into the bladders, causing the skin to stretch. After one of George’s inflating sessions, he said, “It feels like I have a boob in both sides of my head.”

Once Dr. Nassif was happy with the amount of stretched skin, he removed the bladders. Nassif then explained the procedure, saying, “I’ll excise his scar, creating a rotation flap on the left side of his head and an advancement flap on the right, connecting them in the middle. Once I’m satisfied that the pieces are fitting together nicely, I’ll remove any excess skin and carefully stitch the two sides together to avoid any new scarring.”

The results of the surgery were extremely impressive. George said, “I finally have just two eyebrows, and I don’t have to remember my nearly fatal accident every time I look in the mirror.”

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This patient’s surgery expectations are out of this world:

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