Botox? I'd never inject my face... or anywhere, says David Beckham

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David Beckham has ruled out having plastic surgery, insisting he plans to “grow old gracefully”.

The former footballer, 42, claims to have “so many lines and wrinkles” — but says Botox is a no-no.

He told ES magazine: “Cosmetic surgery might be OK for some people; I’m not saying it’s bad. But for me, personally, never. Never! I have no interest in doing anything like that, ever. Growing old gracefully is my thing. I would never inject my face. Or my backside, obviously.”

After reading a comment that suggested he had used a filler, he said: “I’ve got so many lines and wrinkles, how can someone think that?”

The most extreme treatment he has had was eyebrow plucking — and it didn’t quite go to plan.

“I didn’t do it, it was done by someone else,” he said. “They were like flying all over the place. But they took too much off one of my eyebrows, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, my eyebrows are not masculine any more!’ They were thin. So that’s one thing: I don’t touch my eyebrows. I let them grow naturally.”

He has, however, brought out his own range of male grooming products, called House 99, which features face creams, hair gel and beard oil. It’s a far cry from his first foray into skincare — for years he “stole” his wife Victoria’s moisturiser “from her side of the cabinet, which she doesn’t know”.

In return for the fashion designer’s skincare assistance, he is passing on his love of fine wine.

He said: “Victoria didn’t really drink wine until very recently so she has all of a sudden discovered my passion. She went through a stage of drinking a nice Blue Nun and a little bit of Lambrusco but now it’s changed. I’ve introduced her to good, decent wine. I love Californian reds. I love the buttery-ness of Burgundy. Montrachet, I love. Cheval Blanc is one of my favourites.”

The couple have four children together — Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 12, and Harper, seven. Beckham said becoming a father had made him much more prone to crying.

“I could be watching an episode of Friends and I would get emotional,” he said. “When you have kids you become more emotional as a person. Anything that relates to me — family, the kids — that’s always something I’m going to get emotional about. I cried when they were born.”

House 99 by David Beckham will launch at Harvey Nichols in the UK on Feb 1.