The doctor who believes he can make you millions by improving your poker face

Rebecca Lewis
Yahoo! News UK
The American doctor insists that Botox will help with a poker face (Caters)

A plastic surgeon has come up with an inventive way to maintain a poker face.

He offers Botox to eliminate facial expressions that give away a winning or losing hand.

The American doctor has labelled the extreme measure 'PokerTox'.

Jack Berdy injects the $600 -800 (£375-500) Botox or facial filler treatment into areas of the face that may give the game away.

Berdy, from New York, USA, said: "Very few people can maintain a real poker face - they have some 'tells' or some expression that gives away whether they have a good or bad hand to an opponent.

"Some players look at their cards and might raise their eyebrows if they do or don't like what they see while others may squint."

The treatment, which lasts three to four months, could enable any poker player to gamble safe in the knowledge their face doesn't tell a story.

Berdy added: "We can inject Botox appropriately so the other player or players don't get the message that they're angry, disappointed or happy.

"After a few days players will have a relaxed, rested appearance in a very natural way that without effort can be maintained however the cards decide to play."

Berdy even suggested that Botox could be used to fake a 'tell' - for instance a look of alarm - to fool opponents.