Bottlepay Brings Real-Time Bitcoin Payments to Twitter

U.K.-based payments platform Bottlepay, which allows users to send bitcoin via Twitter, has announced its full launch after leaving beta mode.

  • Users can tweet, for example, “@bottlepay send 1,000 sats to @twitteruser,” instantly sending this amount of the cryptocurrency from one wallet to another.

  • Built with the Lightning Network, Bottlepay is aiming to disrupt the payments space by enabling real-time cross-border transfers of both fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

  • Besides Twitter, Bottlepay plans on extending its service to Reddit, Discord, Twitch, Telegram and Mastodon in the coming months.

  • Support for more fiat currencies will also be made available, with the euro next in line alongside the existing U.K. pound option.

  • The beta version of its app (iOS and Android) was first launched in February, with users sending payments totaling over £1.7 million (around $2.4 million) since then.

  • Bottlepay announced netting £11 million ($15.4 million) on Feb. 23 in a seed funding round led by U.K. fund manager Alan Howard, “present and former” Goldman Sachs partners and digital assets firm NYDIG.

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