Bouncer victim of mum's racist abuse says he hopes she has learned her lesson

A bouncer who was the victim of a mum's racist rant has broken his silence - and says he hopes the culprit has learned her lesson.

Police said yesterday (10/1) that a 51-year-old woman - named in reports as Justine Morrison - had been cautioned after accepting responsibility for the ugly spat.

She was filmed calling doorman Dally Whylie "you black man" outside a bar in Halifax, West Yorks., on Friday (6/1).

Morrison, said to be a mum and accountant, made the comments after being ejected from Vine Bar.

Speaking out for the first time following the incident, Dally, aged in his 50s, said he is glad there has been "consequences".

He said: "In this day and age everyone should be getting on with each other - no matter your race or ethnicity.

"Colour shouldn't come in to any argument. I'm happy to see she is having to deal with the consequences for her actions."

Dally, who has worked in security for over 30 years, claims Morrison began making racist comments and threw a drink in his direction after a row in the bar.

Video shows a blonde woman in blue blouse saying, "That's why you get a name" and clapping her hands in mock applause.

She says: "Oh my god, you must be so proud. Oh, you're working on a door." A man behind her then tells her: "Come on, let's go.

But she points her finger at the doorman and says: "You black man," before saying: "That's why you get a name. Black."

Dally, a dad-of-two, posted the video on Facebook the next morning - where it was viewed thousands of times.

A woman - named in reports as Morrison - was then arrested and received a conditional caution after admitting responsibility, West Yorkshire Police said.

Dally said he's happy to see her get punished - but admits the incident has weighed on him.

He said: "I feel down about it. It shouldn't have happened in the first place.

"Colour shouldn't be brought up no matter what the disagreement is about and, to be honest, I don't feel happy about the caution.

"She should have got more punishment in the eyes of the law. But at least she has suffered some other deserved repercussions."

Morrison is said to have worked at Shine Theatre Arts, from which she has since reportedly been sacked.

A spokesperson for Shine told MailOnline: "This is all really, really upsetting. I have been told by the police that I should make no comment about this. I can’t say any more."

But Dally added: "I think it is in the best interests of everyone she was working with at the dance company that she [has been] dismissed from her role there.

"She has been exposed as a racist woman and the world knows that now.

"The abuse hasn't put me off my job but it has played with my head a bit.

"I've been working as a doorman for over 30 years and nothing like this has ever happened before.

"The fact it has happened towards the end of my career when society is meant to have come on from this type of thing is shocking.

"I just hope she has learnt her lesson and will think more carefully before she opens her mouth in the future."

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police confirmed: "A 51-year-old woman was arrested and interviewed in relation to an incident of causing racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress which took place at Vine Bar, in Stainland Road, West Vale, Halifax on Friday 6 January.

"She admitted the offences and received a conditional caution, as a criminal justice outcome with conditions.

"This includes taking part in the restorative justice programme and accepting responsibility for her actions."