Bournemouth legend 'Gordon the Tramp' has died aged 94

Bournemouth legend 'Gordon the Tramp' has died aged 94 <i>(Image: Daily Echo)</i>
Bournemouth legend 'Gordon the Tramp' has died aged 94 (Image: Daily Echo)

GORDON Roberts, affectionately known as Gordon the Tramp, has died at the age of 94.

The Bournemouth legend to many was one of the best known faces in the town and had become an internet phenomenon.

He hit the national news in 2007 when students set up a Facebook tribute page, which gained thousands of members.

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He also had the extraordinary ability to tell the time without wearing a watch – a skill which made him a legendary figure amongst clubbers and students.

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth’s Gordon Roberts
Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth’s Gordon Roberts

But it was around the sports clubs he was best loved, often seen pottering around with his dog, watching AFC Bournemouth or Poole Pirates.

Despite his dishevelled appearance with a long, bushy beard and straggly hair, he was not homeless – he lived in his own house in Charminster.

Those who did come across him, though, will remember him for being the nicest, scruffiest, most eccentric man around town.

He died in hospital on Sunday, November 19.

Hundreds have paid tribute to Gordon online.

Jay Rachet, of Hot Radio, said: “He was a cherished member of the Bournemouth community, he was not homeless but resided in a house in Charminster.

“Nicknamed 'the timelord', had an extraordinary ability to accurately tell the time, despite never wearing a watch.

“Let's remember and honour this remarkable individual.”

Another added: “The only person I’ve ever met that I believed had genuine magical powers.”

One woman added: “He was an amazing man and always so friendly when I spoke to him in town.”

Another man said: “RIP Gordon. Will be fondly remembered by so many around the town and cherries and speedway scene especially. Sleep tight.”