Bournemouth v California: Dorset town takes on Schwarzenegger and the LA set

Rebecca Lewis
Yahoo! News UK

Seven mile long beaches, al fresco dining and rounds of golf in the sunshine - no, it isn't California, it is in fact Bournemouth.

Inspired by the 'Visit California' adverts featuring Hollywood royalty, a video produced by Bournemouth Tourism Marketing Group hopes to lure visitors to the south coast town.

The advert boasts of verdant parks, galleries stocked with the finest art and the Bournemouth Air Festival and features local personalities including football legend Harry Redknapp, Blur bassist Alex James and actress Debra Stephenson.

The original Californian adverts starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kim Kardashian and Rob Lowe.

While the 'Californian Dream' had models carrying surfboards and erstwhile Los Angeles resident David Beckham the Bournemouth clip shows grannies surfing and Redknapp playing golf with a football.

Harry Redknapp said: "I was more than happy to be part of the tourism video, it's no secret that I love the area. The beaches and views are just fantastic; it's a lovely place to live.

"Being filmed on a golf course hitting a football was just a bit of fun, I hope it does well for them."

Surprisingly the idea for the video came from pop superstar Katy Perry.

Jasmine Connolly, of the Bournemouth Tourism Marketing Group, said: "We were storyboarding some ideas for a social media campaign and remembered that Katy Perry had mentioned when she came to Bournemouth that it reminded her of her home town in California and that gave us the idea for a parody of the California video.

"We shot it over four days, with all the local stars keen to get involved and support the town.

"The reaction has been really positive a lot of people from local business have contacted us and said its fantastic, its something a bit different for the industry."

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