Bovis attempts to rebuild reputation after complaints from homeowners

Russell Lynch
Bovis Homes has faced some complaints about the quality of its houses: PA

Bovis Homes attempted to hit back on Thursday as a fresh catalogue of claims emerged over the quality of its houses.

The company — which ousted its previous boss in January last year for rushing the completion of homes to meet City targets — faced a raft of complaints from angry Bovis homeowners after The Times published its investigation today.

But the housebuilder strongly denies claims that it was deliberately delaying essential repairs and it is understood that it does not plan to increase the £10.5 million set aside to tackle legacy issues.

Boss Greg Fitzgerald has been in charge since last April year.

A Bovis spokesman said the firm had “made huge changes to our build quality and customer service” over the past year with notified faults per property down by two-thirds. It added that nearly 90% of its customers would recommend it.

One complainant told the newspaper that it took Bovis “months and months” to do anything about repairs to her home, bought in October 2016.