Box signs on Paisley guest house will need removed after advertisement consent refused

Councillor Kenny MacLaren outside Oakshaw Guesthouse in Paisley
-Credit: (Image: Andrew Neil)

Box signs on the exterior of Oakshaw Guesthouse in the west end of Paisley will need to be removed after a bid for advertisement consent was refused.

The two internally-illuminated features on the bed and breakfast in West Brae, which light up at night, are said to have sparked complaints among residents and community representatives in the area. An application seeking permission in retrospect for the signs was rejected at a meeting of Renfrewshire Council's planning and climate change policy board.

A report by the department said: "The adverts are being displayed without advertisement consent and this retrospective application was sought following an investigation of an enforcement case. The retrospective application was sought in line with the procedures set out in the council's planning enforcement charter.

"The retrospective application allows the development to be formally considered before determining if it is acceptable or if further enforcement action would be required should the application be refused."

Councillor Kenny MacLaren, an SNP representative for Paisley Northwest, told the board residents in the area would be "happy to see the signs disappear". "I welcome this report and its recommendations," he said.

"This has been a long-running saga in the west end of Paisley from residents and, particularly, Paisley West and Central Community Council complaining about this non-stop. It's taken a while for the application to come forward and I fully support the officers' recommendations based on their assessment and I'm sure a lot of people in the west end will be happy to see the signs disappear."

The report considered at the board found the signs did not comply with the relevant policies within the development plan and council's display of advertisements guidance. It added they were considered to have a "detrimental impact" on the visual amenity of the conservation area and recommended refusal, which was rubber-stamped by elected members.

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