Boxer killed my brother with a single blow... now he’s fighting again

Ben Morgan, Barney Davis

The family of a student killed by a single punch from a boxer during a row in the street today criticised his return to the ring.

Jagdip Randhawa, 19, from London, died after he was hit by Clifton Ty Mitchell, who has sparred with ex-champion Tyson Fury, during a Leeds University night out in 2011.

The student suffered a serious brain injury when he fell and hit his head on the pavement outside a Subway restaurant in the city.

He was taken to hospital with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain but died five days later.

Mitchell, 28, from Derby, was jailed for seven years for the manslaughter of Mr Randhawa, who was studying English and hoped to become a journalist. He has since been released on licence until December 2021.

Victim: Jagdip Randhawa, 19, died after being punched in a row with boxer Clifton Ty Mitchell (Family handout)

A report found he breached bail conditions imposed for another violent offence 24 times in five months before the fatal attack — including by boxing.

He has been denied a professional boxing licence by the British Boxing Board of Control since his release, but is fighting in other bouts. Mr Randhawa’s family, from Cranford in west London, believe Mitchell should face a blanket ban from the sport. Posts on social media show he has been fighting in bouts organised by the European Boxing Federation, most recently this month.

Mr Randhawa’s sister Majinder, 39, said: “All Jag’s hopes and dreams have gone because somebody who had these boxing skills used them on normal people. He should lose the privilege to do something he loves because he can’t control himself. My brother wasn’t violent, he had no previous convictions which is in absolute contradiction to Mitchell.”

Tyson Fury spoke with a raspy voice for nearly two years after being struck in the throat by Mitchell during a sparring session.

Pro boxer Sam Jones said Mitchell had served his time and told World Boxing News: “He’s sparred with the likes of Dillian Whyte, Tyson Fury, Hughie Fury [Tyson’s cousin], just give him a second chance.” His father, boxing coach Clifton Mitchell, said his son’s fatal punch was a “freak accident”. He said: “He is not a hooligan, he was just a kid when it happened ... boxing is his only trade. My son will fight again.”

An inquest in 2016 found Mr Randhawa had been put on a faulty ventilator for 46 minutes after the incident, starving his brain of blood and oxygen. The inquest jury found the punch to his head and the treatment at Leeds General Infirmary caused his death.