Boxing Fight Schedule for Jan. 21

Boxing fans can expect an exciting lineup for Jan. 21. Fights are scheduled in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and England. Fans can use the following schedule to find their favorites.

Boxing Fights Scheduled for Jan. 21 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fights can be seen on the NBC Sports Network.

Maurice Byarm vs. Bryant Jennings, 10 rounds (heavyweight)

Gabriel Rosado vs. Jesus Soto-Karass, 10 rounds (junior middleweight)

Doel Carrasquillo vs. Ray Robinson, 8 rounds (welterweight)

Demar Singleton vs. Sullivan Barrera, 6 rounds (light heavyweight)

Jose Peralta Alejo vs. Ardrick Butler, 6 rounds (welterweight)

Pedro Andres vs. Naim Nelson, 4 rounds (welterweight)

Korey Pritchett vs. David Gonzales, 4 rounds (junior welterweight)

Boxing Fights Scheduled for Jan. 21 in Tacoma, Washington

Joell Godfrey vs. Henry Namauu, 10 rounds (cruiserweight)

Nate Serrano vs. Roberto Crespo, 6 rounds (welterweight)

Boxing Fights Scheduled for Jan. 21 in New York City, New York

Gabriel Bracero vs. DeMarcus Corley, 10 rounds (junior welterweight)

Ran Nakash vs. Derek Bryant, 8 rounds (cruiserweight)

Alex Perez vs. TBA, 8 rounds (welterweight)

Luis Del Valle vs. Jose Angel Beranza, 8 rounds (featherweight)

Luis Rosa vs. Jamal Parram, 6 rounds (junior featherweight)

Seanie Monaghan vs. Billy Bailey, 6 rounds (light heavyweight)

Danny McDermott vs. Terry Butterbaugh, 6 rounds (junior welterweight)

Delen Parsley vs. TBA, 6 rounds (junior middleweight)

Thomas Hardwick vs. Richard Mason, 4 rounds (heavyweight)

Boyd Melson vs. Shawn Rawley, 6 rounds (junior middleweight)

Allan Benitez vs. Neuky Santelises, 4 rounds (junior lightweight)

Sonya Lamonakis vs. Carlette Ewell, 6 rounds (heavyweight)

Boxing Fights Scheduled for Jan. 21 in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fights can be seen on Telefutura.

David Quijano vs. Javier Gallo, 10 rounds (junior bantamweight)

McWilliams Arroyo vs. Felipe Rivas, 6 rounds (flyweight)

Regino Canales vs. Edgardo Rivera, 6 rounds (junior lightweight)

Keith Tapia vs. TBA, 4 rounds (heavyweight)

Rafael Gonzalez vs. TBA, 4 rounds (lightweight)

Hussein Cruz vs. Andy Crespo, 4 rounds (lightweight)

Jesus Pastrana vs. Emmanuel Santos, 4 rounds (junior lightweight)

Reynaldo Ojeda vs. TBA, 4 rounds (lightweight)

Ivan Vazquez vs. Jose Santiago, 4 rounds (junior lightweight)

Boxing Fights Scheduled for Jan. 21 in Ensenada, Mexico

Fights can be seen on AT&T U-verse.

Daniel Ponce De Leon vs. Omar Estrella, 12 rounds (featherweight)

Leo Santa Cruz vs. Alejandro Hernandez, 10 rounds (bantamweight)

Marco Antonio Periban vs. Rito Rubalcava, 8 rounds (middleweight)

Sergio Lopez vs. Manuel Aguilar, 6 rounds (featherweight)

Jose Torres vs. Javier Gomez, 6 rounds (welterweight)

Eduardo Gonzalez vs. Mario Padilla, 4 rounds (junior welterweight)

Khabir Suleymanov vs. Roberto Lopez, 6 rounds (junior featherweight)

Carlos Ramirez vs. Daniel Ramirez, 4 rounds (junior middleweight)

Carlos Lozano vs. Alex Alonso, 4 rounds (junior middleweight)

Boxing Fights Scheduled for Jan. 21 in Guadalajara, Mexico

Miguel Vazquez vs. Ameth Diaz, 12 rounds (lightweight)

The fight will be for the IBF lightweight title.

Boxing Fights Scheduled for Jan. 21 in Liverpool, England

David Price vs. John McDermott, 12 rounds (heavyweight)