Boxpark opens new Camden site and takes over from Buck Street Market

-Credit: (Image: PA)
-Credit: (Image: PA)

Boxpark has opened its fourth London site after taking over Buck Street Market in Camden. Buck Street Market reopened as a fresh shipping container concept in 2019.

Consisting of 23 food and 23 rental units, Places for London - which is owned by TfL - purchased the site near Camden Town station in October 2023 before agreeing a long term management deal with Boxpark.

The 12,000-square foot site will undergo significant refurbishment after plans are submitted to Camden Council for approval. Boxpark first opened its Shoreditch site in 2011, while similar venues in Croydon, Wembley and Liverpool have all opened since.

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Simon Champion, CEO of BOXPARK, said: “It’s an exciting challenge for BOXPARK to reinvigorate an iconic destination like Buck Street Market. It’s no secret we have a love of locations beaming with culture and community, and Camden is no different. Camden Town boasts a world of food, music and the arts that is just so aligned with BOXPARK’s movement and culture.

"We are committed to flying the flag for independent businesses across the country, and this restoration will allow us to continue this in one of the most significant takeovers London will see this year.”

Boxpark opened its Liverpool site in Cains Brewery Village last month, while it plans to launch its sister concept Boxhall in Bristol later this year.

Daniel Lovatt, Director of Asset Management at Places for London, said: “As the new owners of Buck Street Market, we are delighted to be working with Boxpark as they look to revitalise the space for all. We will be working closely with BOXPARK as they work to improve the market and provide a welcoming and inclusive space that all Londoners can enjoy throughout the summer and beyond.”

"Camden Town is one of London’s busiest Underground stations and has been a draw for tourists and residents for many years. Buck Street Market’s prime location positions it as a key destination for tourists and locals alike and marks an incredibly exciting endeavour for the hospitality and entertainment giants, Boxpark."

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