Boxpark Wembley to host real-life Squid Game for Halloween

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In the firing line:  players will have a go at games including Green Light, Red Light  (Netflix)
In the firing line: players will have a go at games including Green Light, Red Light (Netflix)

The Wembley Boxpark is set to recreate the hit Netflix horror Squid Game for a one-off Halloween night of games, on October 30.

While promising “there won’t be a bloody ending”, fans of the show will have a chance to play four of the principle games that feature in the dystopian South Korean drama.

The Squid Game Party, which runs from 7pm—1am, will see staff at the North London venue dress up in pink jumpsuits and masks, mimicking Squid Game’s guards, and guests will play Red Light, Green Light — where players must run on the green light and freeze stock still when it turns red, or risk death (in the show, at least) — as well as a Tug of War, Marbles and the titular Squid Game, where players must hop through the centre of a vaguely squid shaped pitch before heading to the home base.

A disclaimer on Boxpark’s website reads: “We will not be murdering people”.


While there won’t be the riches promised in the show, which is Netflix’s most watched programme to date, players will compete for a £1,000 cash prize; to play, tickets are available for over 18s for £10, though to simply watch the games, rather than compete in them, is free.

Elsewhere, the Boxpark site is hosting its own Halloween party, promising DJs, and themed decor, food and drinks.

Squid Game, which premiered on Netflix last month, has been something of a surprise success, and has been a smash with critics and audiences alike. It became the number one show in 90 countries, including the UK, though it took almost a decade between writing and being picked up by the streaming service. It follows 456 players, all facing fiscal ruin, who play a series of sadistic twists on children’s games in order to win a prize equivalent to £29 million. The show’s creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, has said he wrote it partly as a commentary on class disparity in South Korea.

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