Boy, 16, who was 'naughty kid at school' given second chance

Kareem Mohamed, 16, said Kobie made him go from hating maths to loving it
-Credit: (Image: Patrick Graham)

A man is helping to change the lives of children across Merseyside who are struggling with their education.

Kobie Eyo-Hudson, from Toxteth, set up his 'against the odds' project after receiving funding from the Virgin Money Foundation to take part in a six month project: young change makers' fellowship programme. The aim was to develop their ideas around social change in the scheme that began in September 2021.

The 26-year-old's project helps young people who are predicted to fail in various GCSEs at school and in maths in particular. Over the last few years he has helped over 250 young people prepare for their maths GCSEs.

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Kareem Mohamed, 16, who has been tutored since February, told the ECHO: "If I’m going to be honest I was a naughty kid in school and I’ve changed it and stopped messing around.

"He’s got me more focused and made me change my whole perspective on education.

"I feel I would not have been able to do it myself. I've gone from a U (unmarked) to a five in the space of four months at least. Ever since I’ve been coming I’ve been getting 70s and 60s on each paper and need 49 to pass.

"It's made me more confident than I was educationally. I used to hate maths, now I actually love it. Kobie has taught me everything I’ve needed to know over five years in the course of four months. His teaching methods are not like usual teaching methods.

"He’s more interactive, if that's the word. He’s got loads of patience.

"I've already done three loads of pass papers, so I think I’m going to do well overall. English and maths I will definitely pass".

Kobie said leading up to this year's GCSEs over 50 students aged 15 - 16 have signed up to the project since November who he expects to "smash it". He also does private tutoring on top of his charity work, which includes children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

He pays for the project, based in Crawford House, Liverpool 8, out of his own funds and funds raised with help of the Toxteth councillor Rahima Farah. He employs two physics students from the University of Liverpool and provides pens, paper and textbooks for his students from L8, L15. L17, L18 and L25 schools.

Against the odds project tutor Kobie Eyo-Hudson (Front centre) with some his students that he is helping to pass their math's GCSEs and transform their lives (Image: Patrick Graham Liverpool ECHO)
Against the odds project tutor Kobie Eyo-Hudson (front centre) with some his students that he is helping to pass their math's GCSEs and transform their lives -Credit:Patrick Graham Liverpool ECHO

Kobie, who has a bachelor's and master's degree in law and one in sports nutrition, said: "Against the odds is a project which seeks to tackle education injustice, specifically for kids from Liverpool 8. I started because I was doing my third degree and realised I’d come through quite a privileged educational background.

"My mum did everything to push me towards education. Once I achieved what I wanted in education I wanted to give back to my own local community.

“I specialise in maths, my favourite subject, one of the GCSEs I did early and I achieved an A Star in GCSE and A Level. I view maths as applied logic, a language within itself. If you learn the rules and fundamentals anyone can learn it".

Another student Yusra Rahim, 15, who took part in the project, said: "Through private sessions with Kobie he told me about the charity, at first I was a bit reluctant. When I came it was amazing, I love coming and look forward to it.

(L- R) Kareem Mohamed with maths tutor Kobie Eyo-Hudson, Yusra Rahim and Muhammed Ali (Image: Patrick Graham Liverpool ECHO)
(L- R) Kareem Mohamed with maths tutor Kobie Eyo-Hudson, Yusra Rahim and Muhammed Ali -Credit:Patrick Graham Liverpool ECHO

"Everyone's lovely and I’ve made mates here that are amazing. I went from just about passing to looking to get an eight or a seven [in my exams].

"If you have faith in yourself, everything is possible. Do whatever you can. If you put in the work you get the results".

Student Muhammed Ali, 15, said: "I came because my maths was always six - seven and I wanted a top grade. Kobie gave me inspiration and that motivated me to do more work and the topics I did not understand he helped. Now I'm going to pass.

"He kind of transformed me into a new person. Now I’m really good at maths, before I never thought I was going to be good at it".

Kobie has plans for the future to expand. He would like to see the project further down the line potentially become a school.

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