Jaw-dropping moment boy, 3, falls 35ft from building into rickshaw

Video footage shows the miraculous moment a three-year-old boy lands on the cushioned seat of a passing rickshaw after falling 35 feet from a building in India.

Parv Jain was playing on the terrace of his house in Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh state in the centre of the country when he fell.

Luckily, a rickshaw-puller was walking past at the exact moment the toddler lost his balance and the child fell straight into the peddle-vehicle.

CCTV footage shows a man pushing the cart through a busy street on October 18 when a figure plummets from above and into the back seat.

Fortunately, there weren't any passengers inside.

The rickshaw driver is seen in CCTV footage going through a bus street. (Caters)

We then see the rickshaw stop and passers-by rushing to the boy's aid and lifting him out.

He is then taken into a nearby shop before his parents are notified and take him to hospital.


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Doctors told them he did not sustain any injuries.

His parents Poornima Jain and Ashish Jain praised the rickshaw puller as “God”.

Suddenly a figure emerges after the young boy suddenly falls from the terrace. (Caters)

Poornima Jain said: "He was playing with his grandfather. There were also his uncles and cousins. God knows how he fell from the terrace.

"A rickshaw-puller was passing by when Parv fell on it.

"The rickshaw is totally damaged but my son has not sustained a single injury.”

The toddler's family thanked the rickshaw driver by buying him new clothes and sweets for his children, reports said.