Boy, five, whose father died last year leads police on unique motorcycle ride

A five-year-old boy whose father died last year got a very special visit from the Durham police – and ended up leading the constabulary’s motorcycle section on a unique ride.

Harry Farrell, who lives with his mother Emma Overton and stepsister Molly in Norton, Stockton, was only four when his father Craig died in May 2022, aged just 39.

This Christmas, Harry asked for the present he wanted most in the world – a miniature police bike.

Videos of Harry riding around on his new bike soon caught the attention of Pc Phil Skevington, from Durham Constabulary’s motorcycle section.

After hearing what Harry and his family had gone through over the last year, Pc Skevington decided to organise a surprise visit for him.

On Sunday, Pc Skevington, together with fellow Durham Pcs Sam Oliver and Ian Calvert, and Cleveland Police officer Pc Andy Pickering, asked Harry to lead them on a special patrol.

“It was such a nice surprise for him,” Harry’s mother, Ms Overton, said. “He was completely shocked when all the officers turned up.”

Harry, who turned five in December, led the four officers on a patrol of his cul-de-sac, posing for pictures with his new colleagues and talking to them about being police officers.

“He had such a great time,” Ms Overton said.

“Last week, Harry had told my mam that he was going to be a teacher when he is older, but now he says he is going to be a police officer!”

She added: “I can’t thank Phil enough for organising this and taking such an interest in Harry.

“The police often get a lot of bad press, but things like this show that they are human and they really do care about their communities.”

Pc Skevington said: “We just wanted to help bring a little bit of cheer and make him smile.

“We did a few laps of his cul-de-sac, posed for some photos, and gave him a few mementos, including his own Durham roads and armed policing badge to add to his police vest.

“He had a great time – and so did we. It’s lovely to be able to do something nice for someone who has been through such a tough time recently, especially so young.”