Boy George accuses Scarlette Douglas of ‘protecting’ Matt Hancock

Tensions have begun to grow in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! camp as Boy George voiced his frustrations over the developing friendship between Scarlette Douglas and Matt Hancock.

The Culture Club singer, 61, shared his irritation with the presenter and property expert, 35, during Wednesday evening’s episode of the hit ITV reality show.

During a debate between Boy George and the former health secretary, 44, the singer said: “Just spend less on arms. £35 billion a year. Why do you sneer at spending less on arms?”

Cast of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2022 contestants (ITV)

To which Hancock grew flustered and replied: “I don’t, I don’t, it’s just a different debate.”

Douglas jumped in to divert the increasingly heated conversation, saying: “Matt, just quickly, you know when you asked whose socks they were and I asked you to put them over here… Remember the socks from this morning, I said just stick them… Where did you put them?”

An unconvinced Boy George, who has previously been vocal about his frustrations towards campmate Charlene White while in the Australian jungle, responded: “She’s trying to save you, very interesting.”

While further explaining his thoughts in the Bush Telegraph, the singer added: “I just noticed sometimes when I start a debate with Matt, Scarlette comes in and kind of shuts me down a bit or tries to change the subject.

“I don’t know whether Scarlette’s got political aspirations. But sorry, I’m just not going to stop talking. I will say what I want.”

Boy George attempted to continue the debate with Hancock, but was shut down by the MP for West Suffolk, a move which he described as “interesting”.

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Hancock said: “I seem to have a trial whether I go out on an official trial or stay in camp.

“But most of the conversations are really interesting and I love a debate anyway, so that’s fine.”

Comedian Seann Walsh, who joined the show with Hancock as a late arrival last week, also shared his thoughts, saying: “Boy George is the firework in the jungle.

“It’s absolutely hilarious. He does not care. And I think we all love him for it.”

Later Boy George spoke to Walsh, 36, about the exchange while the pair were at the Creek.

“She (Scarlette) sort of shut me down and she’s done it a few times,” Boy George said.

“Matt is a grown adult and he can answer me. I’m not going to be shut down.

“If you don’t want to talk about something interesting, that’s your problem. It really annoyed me because it’s happened about three or four times.

“I don’t know whether it’s deliberate… It’s a weird thing. Are we going to sit here and talk about biscuits all day?”

Boy George had grown frustrated with Douglas earlier in the day after she quizzed him about his criminal conviction and the time he spent in prison.

In 2008, Boy George, whose real name is George Alan O’Dowd, was convicted of assault and false imprisonment.

While chatting in camp, Douglas asked: “What happened with you BG and some guy in handcuffs and a radiator?”

To which Boy George quickly replied: “That’s not true.”

The singer added: “Handcuffs is true but the radiator bit wasn’t true, but thanks for bringing it up”, and later described elements of the story as “folklore”.

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Boy George said: “Scarlette blatantly talked about my court case.

“I thought it was inappropriate what she did, actually. I thought she shouldn’t have said what she said to me.

“And I thought I handled it really well as it’s a big sore point for me when people say things like that.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Chris Moyles took part in his second Bushtucker Trial, Boiling Point, which saw the radio presenter, 48, attempt to release stars using a tiny spanner.

After struggling through the challenge, a noticeably distressed Moyles managed to secure just one out of a possible 11 stars.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV 1.