This boy racer obsession really grinds my gears - and hurts my ears

The exhaust on this car could be heard for miles around
-Credit: (Image: LancsLive)

Some motorists dream of owning a Porsche. Others might simply long for the day when they finish paying off their car finance.

And then there are boy racers. Who, for some bizarre reason, aspire to own the loudest, widest exhaust known to man.

I was once unfortunate enough to drive up the M6 from London to Lancashire in convoy with someone whose catalytic converter had been stolen from their car. The noise - even at a distance - was deafening. So I find it completely inexplicable that somebody would WANT their car to sound like that. What's the attraction?!


At the weekend I was making a regular trip up the M6. On the way back down, I heard that unmistakeable noise: The low, guttural roar of a boy racer.

I rolled my eyes as I glanced in my mirror to see what gaudy vehicle was responsible for the sound pollution. Finally, it came into view: A tiny, awful pink-coloured little thing being driven by a tall man which reminded me of that tall bloke in the Simpsons who is mocked by Nelson for driving a far too small car.

Even with her headphones on my daughter shouted "what's that sound?!" as the vile-looking car passed us. The noise was so loud it literally felt like the sound waves were passing through our entire bodies.

The guy behind the wheel looked absolutely ridiculous. And yet he is no doubt overwhelmingly proud to own a car which announces its arrival five miles in advance.

Just as with those boy racers who adapt their cars to 'roll coal' and spew toxic black smoke into the air the desire to own a vehicle which makes such a stupid sound makes no sense to me.

And, considering how much it hurts the ears of anyone who is unlucky enough to drive within the vicinity of one of these cars, I dread to think the damage it's doing to the person driving. Their neighbours must love them!