Boyfriend of e-scooter crash victim Emily Hartridge reveals she was making her way to fertility clinic when she was killed

Asher Mcshane

The distraught boyfriend of YouTuber and presenter Emily Hartridge, who died in an e-scooter crash in London, has revealed his partner was making her way to a fertility clinic scan when she was killed in a crash.

Emily 35, had been planning a baby with partner Jacob Hazell, he has revealed.

In an interview with the Sun, Jacob, 28, revealed his devastation after learning his girlfriend had died in a collision with a lorry in Battersea on July 12.

He said: "'I am devastated. I got up first to leave home at 5am. I gave her a kiss on the lips. She was half asleep and mumbled, 'I love you'. I'm so pleased I did that."

E-scooter crash: Victim Emily Hartridge (Rex Features)

The personal trainer said: "People have told me I'm to blame because I bought it for her, but I can't think that. Her family have told me I'm not."

He said: "We had just moved in together and were planning a family. I'm heartbroken she has gone.

Emily Hartridge's boyfriend, Jacob Hazell, gave her the two scooters as a birthday present. (YouTube / Emily Hartridge)

"I don't think they should be banned for adults, as they are electric, go a maximum of 20mph and don't do any harm to the environment."

In a video last week, Mr Hazell paid an emotional tribute to the late YouTube star and said he loved her.

Mr Hazell said he wanted to thank those who had reached out to him while he was grieving.

An e-scooter seized by police (Met Cycle Police / Twitter)

He tearfully said: “For all those who care about my recovery, I’m fine. I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice messages.

“Emily was the person who encouraged me to talk about how I was feeling.”

He added: “Emily has three amazing sisters and two amazing parents and they have been fantastic. I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice messages I’ve received. I love you all and I love Emily.”

Emily's death is believed to be the first time someone riding an e-scooter has been killed on the capital's roads.

Her death came days after Mike Brown, London's transport chief, called for a safety review of the use of e-scooters, which are banned from public roads and pavements in the UK.