Boyfriend stages fake faint in bizarre surprise wedding proposal

This is the bizarre moment a boyfriend staged a fake faint to surprise his girlfriend with a wedding proposal.Ronald Lapinig, 32, prepared a marriage proposal with the help of his girlfriend's whole family by pretending to have an emergency health problem in Malolos Bulacan, the Philippines on October 4.His concerned girlfriend Maricar Reyes, 29, frantically fanned him to help him regain consciousness. To her surprise, her boyfriend suddenly sprang to life, holding up a ring before popping the big question.Accomplice Missy Reyes set up a camera while the bride-to-be's family pretended to panic as they launched the prank on her.The entire family gushed in delight as they handed Maricar a bouquet and pointed her to a sign that read: 'Will you marry me?'Missy, Maricar's cousin, said: 'Marican was nervous because her boyfriend also has a history of passing out, so this kind of drama was very effective and successful. I'm happy for both of them. Ronald really made an effort to propose.'

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