The Boys Is Getting Hate Online For Frenchie's Sexuality, But Season 1 Set This Up Early On

 Frenchie shirtless in Season 1 of The Boys.
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While the comic book genre is everywhere, a few projects have succeeded in standing out in their portrayal of superheroes. The Boys (which is streaming with an Amazon Prime subscription) is definitely in that category, showing how dark and bloody the world would be if heroes were real. The Boys Season 4 has begun airing, featuring big changes for a number of characters. The Boys is getting hate online over Frenchie's Sexuality, but Season 1 set this up early on.

A bit of a time jump happened in The Boys' Season 4 premiere, revealing changes for various characters. That includes Tomer Capone's Frenchie, who is in a relationship with a man when we catch up with him. This plot choice has gotten some backlash on Twitter, with responses including:

But while there has been some backlash from fans about Frenchie's new partner, hardcore fans of The Boys will know that his fluid sexuality was hinted at as far back as Season 1. Let's break it all down.

While Frenchie never had a love/ksising scene with a man throughout the first three seasons of The Boys, it was definitely hinted at that he has some same-sex attraction. Perhaps the biggest clue was that he was in some sort of throuple situation with Cherie and Jay. In response to the backlash, one Boys fan tweeted a clip hinting at this. Check it out below:

While he definitely has strong feelings for Kimiko, there are have a few other hints throughout The Boys that hints that he might be bi or pansexual. For instance, he kissed Hughie right on the mouth when congratulating him an an earlier episode. What's more, he also expressed interest in a trans stripper during Mother Milk's bachelor party. Finally, Frenchie's past as an escort would likely mean he had sexual relations with men, women and everything in between.

Kimiko standing in a barn in front of a large pile of hay in The Boys Season 4
Kimiko standing in a barn in front of a large pile of hay in The Boys Season 4

While some of the hate coming at The Boys Season 4 is because of homophobia, the surprise about Frenchie's sexuality might also be due to the long-running storyline between him and Kimiko. He was the first person to really communicate with, and clearly had romantic feelings for her. The two even kissed during Season 3, although she ultimately decided that they were better off as friends.

While it's nice to see Frenchie with a loving partner in Colin during Season 4 of The Boys, I have to assume that pairing is meant to be a wedge between he and Kimiko. Most fans are still shipping the couple, which is one of the few pairs on the series who share love without strings or conditions. So haters who take umbrage with Frenchie's same-sex relationship are not only seem to forget his history, but they're also not reserving final judgement until the season ends later this summer.

The Boys airs Thursday on Amazon. For now, check the TV premiere list to plan your next binge watch.