The Boys season 4 theory suggests one of the new Supes did something you may have missed

 The Boys.
Credit: Amazon Studios

Prime Video’s The Boys is back with season 4 hosting a new gaggle of Supes including Sister Sage aka AKA the smartest person in the world. But fans have noticed one very strange thing the new Supe does, and have a very interesting theory as to why she does this.

Warning, this article contains spoilers for The Boys season 4 episode 3!

At the end of The Boys season 4 episode 3, we see The Deep walk in on Sister Sage eating junk food and watching reality TV in a very unlike-her mellow mood. The two proceed to bond over Transformers 2 and have sex until the camera pans down on what looks like a long metal spike, officially called an orbitoclast, with blood on the end of it. Yes, that’s right, it seems as though Sister Sage has lobotomized herself.

Although the series doesn't confirm it, considering her new chilled-out state and her willingness to touch The Deep, it is pretty obvious that she has undergone some kind of mental change. Why does she do this? Well, fans have their own theory on why Sage mutilates herself, particularly revolving around escapism

"Sister Sage performs a lobotomy on herself because ignorance is bliss, hence the fast food, reality shows, and fucking The Deep. As an intellectual Supe, she can't unwind like others do. If you notice, she mostly surrounds herself with books," tweeted one fan. Another agreed adding, "It was like her 'high' moment to unwind cause I’m pretty sure having to do all this crap and being the smartest person in the world takes a toll on her."

However, it seems like not everyone caught it at first glance, and don’t worry if you didn't spot it. In fact, other viewers thought that Sage had something else up her sleeve. "Thought she was setting him up for a case," suggested one fan. Another added, "I honestly assumed she cut up Deep's octopus honey."

But, wait a minute, if she has lobotomized herself, how will she help Homelander with her wisdom? Viewers have the same question as one asked, "I take it she has the ability to heal?" to which another Twitter user replied, "On her page they were going through in the meeting room, one of her listed powers was moderate healing." So it looks like Sister Sage is here to stay, no matter how many times she pricks her own brain.

The Boys season 4 episodes 1-3 are streaming on Prime Video now, with new episodes dropping every Thursday. For more, check out The Boys season 4 release schedule and the best shows on Prime Video.