The Boys Super Bowl parody ad features a Gen V cameo you may have missed

 The Boys season 4.
The Boys season 4.

In true The Boys fashion, Vought has released a parody Super Bowl ad that encompasses everything we love about the show, but there's one scene in particular that everyone is fixating on – the Gen V cameo.

The clip, posted to Vought International’s Twitter account, satires the kind of advertisements we see during the Super Bowl from big businesses trying to relate to regular people in order to fulfill their capitalist agenda. "Freedom, football, family, horses. Words synonymous with Vought and this great nation," says the narrator, whilst cheesy stock videos and sugar-coated clips of the media-trained Supes fill the background. Then Vought pays tribute to the nation's front-line workers and military men and women by… "cracking open an ice cold Turbo Rush", classic. Watch the full video below.

Besides the obvious trolling of seemingly out-of-touch companies, the main thing fans are focusing on is the one-second cameo made by Gen V’s Cate and Sam AKA The Guardians of Godolkin. Cate and Sam sure do fit right in with their equally corrupt fellow Supes such as Homelander and The Deep, as they turned to the dark side during the final episode. The pair freed the imprisoned Supes from the Woods (the secret testing labs at Godolkin where young Supes are tested on), causing chaos on campus and killing many.

But the real reason why this is so exciting is it gives us hope that more Gen V and The Boys crossover is on the way in The Boys season 4. There's already been a lot of common ground too, with Gen V season one featuring appearances from Homelander, Soldier Boy, Victoria Neuman, Billy Butcher, and more.

Could this be a hint that these Gen V characters appearing in The Boys' upcoming season? Amazon is keeping us in the dark about that, but what we do know is that season 4 will partly follow secret Supe Victoria Neuman (who has appeared in both Gen V and The Boys) as shown in the trailer, and will pick up just days after Gen V episode 8.

One thing is for sure, the parody has only ignited our excitement for the show even further. Now that we have had a taste of the kind of satire we have been missing – bring on season 4!

The Boys season 4 does not yet have a release date but will drop on Amazon Prime Video sometime during 2024. For more, check out our guides to the best Amazon shows and the best Amazon movies to stream right now.