BP Chargemaster launches its first 150 kW chargers in UK

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BP Chargemaster ultra-fast charging (150 kW) station
BP Chargemaster ultra-fast charging (150 kW) station

BP installs 150 kW DC fast chargers at its retail sites and is "determined to be the fuel provider of choice whether drivers need electric charging or liquid fuels."

This week, BP Chargemaster has powered up its first two 150 kW ultra-fast chargers in the UK, installed on a BP retail site at Cranford near Heathrow airport, west of London.

According to BP, by the end of this year some 100 ultra-fast chargers to be installed, which will further increase to 400 by the end of 2021.

After acquiring Chargemaster in 2018, BP intends to build a nationwide network using locations of its fuel stations as a competitive advantage over other networks.

Tufan Erginbilgic, chief executive of BP’s Downstream business said, “As the world of mobility evolves, BP is determined to be the fuel provider of choice whether drivers need electric charging or liquid fuels. BP Chargemaster continues to develop and is leading the way for our understanding of how we can best support and succeed in this fast-growing new market.

“Convenient and reliable ultra-fast charging will be critical in driving the wider adoption of electric vehicles in the UK. The combination of BP Chargemaster’s EV charging expertise, experience and customer base with BP’s retail sites across the UK is now allowing us to develop the UK’s first nationwide network of ultra-fast chargers.”

More from BP:

The BP Chargemaster's Polar charging network already consists of more than 7,000 public charge points.

Over the past year BP Chargemaster has:

  • Delivered energy through its public charging network equivalent to more than 40 million miles of electric driving;

  • Grown the Polar network by around 10%, with over 7,000 charging points now accessible to Polar Plus users;

  • Grown its subscriber base by over 44%;

  • Installed around 100 new 50kW rapid chargers;

  • Launched its own, UK-made 150kW ultra-fast charger;

  • Committed to introduce contactless payment on all new rapid and ultra-fast chargers, and retrofit its existing UK-made rapid chargers over the next 12 months;

  • Supporting its expansion in this rapidly growing market, BP Chargemaster has decided to relocate to Milton Keynes – the capital of UK EV charging. Its new building, which will triple its production capacity, is already under construction and it expects to begin the move early next year.